One step ahead thanks to the technology.

We offer the latest technological procedures used by the world's most advanced clinics.

 Laser treatment

The lastest technology  without pain, without abrasion.

 Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene, professional cleaning and tartar removal.


Certified center / Implants from DENTIS a STRAUMANN.


Intraoral camera transmits a live procedure to the monitor in front of the patient.


Radiology with more than                  10x weaker radiation.


Special system for                                 root restoration.

Our interventions are the top in dental care.

The latest technologies and individual approach to each patient allows us to provide world-class services. Thanks to that,

even patients from abroad are searching for our services.

Painless treatment



BIOLASE  is a leader in dental laser innovation. In addition to being painless, treatment with such a laser offers many other benefits such as shortened procedures and faster healing.

It is not necessary to use traditional methods, such as drilling and anasthesia, as the entire procedure is performed painlessly by the laser, cooled by water beam.

Veneers Lumineers

The world's most sought method by patients.

A thin porcelain plate of just 0.2 mm in width is placed on the tooth, which is approximately the thickness of the contact lens. That gives you a natural-looking smile.

Their unrivaled advantage is the application, after which the tooth remains intact - unlike in the other methods.

LED blue whitening

Whitening technology with the highest precision, fast effect and up to eight color tints. LED light accelerates the whitening process and is also much safer than traditional UV light. Pure Whitening is the only type of teeth whitening in the world with guaranteed results and long-term effectiveness. Remove any unwanted effects of a variety of foods, beverages, and other effects that cause your teeth to lose whiteness. We use the latest tooth whitening technology to eliminate irritation or damage to tooth enamel.

Wonderful white teeth with long-lasting effect after just 40 minutes of painless procedure by ZOOM technology.

Crown production in 3D with system CEREC

The CEREC method uses CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) to measure and produce the perfect dental filling.
Whether you need a crown or a dental filling, this method will save a lot of your precious time.

Only one single session is enough

 Save your time
 Perfectly precise fillings
 Filling made of one piece of ceramics

One of the biggest negatives of dental issues are the multiple dentist visits. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) allows you to save time and solve everything in a single session.

Since CEREC uses just one single piece of ceramic to manufacture your fillings, they have a longer life than traditional ones.

No waiting at DENTICON.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to proceed with our treatment exactly as planned. And therefore,  you can rely on the fact that you enter our practice at the time you booked.

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