The basis of healthy teeth
is thorough care.

Regular inspections and dental hygiene contributes to decay-free teeth. They are also helping you to save save expenses for any treatments and procedures in the future.


The care you deserve

Save time

Solve everything
at one place.

Pleasant environment

Clean and modern furnished
practices in high standard.

Convenient prices

Best Price vs. Quality

ratio guaranteed.


What does the thorough care mean?

Regular check at least once a year.

Your smile is the center of everything you do.
Dedicating one brief meeting to make sure everything is fine, is essential for your good feeling, and also for your insurance coverage.


Dental hygiene

Regular tartar and coating removal from the surface of your teeth is fundamental for their health. Therefore, we remove both mechanical and chemical gum irritation and by that, avoid further complications and spread of number of bacteria.



We are contracting partners of insurance companies. Take advantage of preventive checks without surcharge.


Preventive check


 Direct payment

Preventive check each 12 months

 0.00 €

 12.00 €





 Direct payment

Dental hygiene - Profesional

 35.00 €

 40.00 €

Dental hygiene - Recall – after 6 months 

 30.00 €

 35.00 €

Dental hygiene - Pediatric

 25.00 €

 30.00 €


See our complete Pricelist of dental services.

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Forget about the fear of dentists.


practice hours

Monday - Thursday    7:30 - 19:00

Friday    7:30 - 14:00

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